C.I.Sheave 5/8

C.I.Sheave 5/8"Bore, 3.15

C.I. Sheave 5/8

C.I. Sheave 5/8"Bore 4.15"dia Singl

C.I. Sheave 5/8"Bore 3.75"Dia

3.75" Outside Diameter Single Groove VL Cast Iron Sheave with 5/8" Fixed Bore, 2.3-3.8 Variable Pitch for use with 3L, 4L, A, AX, 5L, B, and BX Belts

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Product Specifications

Hub Bore 5/8"
O.D. 3.75"
Pitch Diam. 3L Belt 2.3"-3.1"
Pitch Diam. A Belt 2.6"-3.6"
Pitch Diam. B Belt 2.8"-3.8"
Wt. Lbs. 1.7
Shipping Weight 1.55
Shipping Width 3.80
Shipping Length 4.00
Shipping Height 3.60


  • For use with 3L, 4L, 5L, A, or B section belts
  • Cast iron
  • Variable pitch
  • Machine balanced
  • Set screw provided
  • One-groove through 10HP
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